Parents need to know that children enjoy different types of toys in different age groups. A six year old will never like to play with an infant’s toys, though he/she may get attracted to it seeing its colour and shapes. Infants mainly enjoy in playing interactive games while toddlers are more into physical oriented games.

If chosen properly, educational toys can play a vital role in a child’s growth and development, and can promote healthy psychological and physical rise in them. These days it is so easy to buy these kinds of toys for children, as they are available widely in all over the world. One can buy them from local stores or even online. Let us have a look at the importance of educational toy in details:

Development of cognitive skills

Developing cognitive skills among children is a must from their early ages, as it helps them in problem solving, memorizing and identifying colours and so on. Not only this, but children also get to learn about numbers and different shapes and sizes. And if you are residing in Australia, you can buy melissa and doug puzzles. Puzzle games are a great way to develop cognitive skills in them. Puzzles are not only interesting but attractive also. Children can solve them alone or they can even take the help of elders and enjoy together.

Developing social skills

It is always essential for the children to learn different kinds of emotion and explore his surroundings and adapt with the environment. And that is why developing social skills in children is very much necessary. Toys, like board games, help children to be able to socialize with others, as such games involve 2 players or more.

Developing speaking skills

Conveying feelings to others and expressing oneself should be encouraged in children right from their early ages. And for expressing, they have to use language and speak it up properly. Modern toys have advanced so much that they have even manufactured toys that can teach babies to learn new sounds and words and speak. Using a toy to teach children to speak is fun.

Developing logical skills

Toys help children to use their creative skills and let their imagination fly. And it cannot be better if toys also let children use their logical thinking while playing. Games, like building blocks, puzzles, art and crafts, are some of the examples which help children to explore their imagination and thinking level.