Birthdays are very special occasions because they represent the day someone comes in to the world and they are especially important if they happen to be the birthday of your little baby because it not only celebrates the day she came in to this world and her short amazing life but it celebrates the anniversary of the day you became a parent. 

Gifts that matter

Many parents often buy hundreds of gifts for their children because they adore them. They often spend a lot more money on their children than they do on themselves even to the point of giving up something special that they want for themselves in order to buy something for their baby. In fact, no matter how tight their finances are, most parents will not be able to resist the temptation of buying something cute that they see on the shelf off a store while they are shopping for something completely different. As such, it is important for you to resist the temptation of buying everything you see and invest instead in educational toys that will serve a purpose while also providing your baby with hours of fun. Most of the toys you buy your baby will often end up broken, thrown away or simply put away in a cupboard ina few months because babies grow rapidly which means that they also grow out of toys, clothes, shoes and accessories within months.

Gifts such as jigsaw puzzles will last longer provided you take care of the small pieces of puzzle. You can play with your baby and it will also help to develop your child’s brain and thinking ability as time goes by. These are some of the only toys that your child will continue to love for years. In fact, even most adults will love the opportunity to work out a jigsaw riddle because the challenge is often irresistible.

Your baby girl’s birthday is the anniversary of the day that everything in your life changed for the better and your whole world was turned upside down and yet, they are no doubt the best years if your life. Your baby girl may and may not have an idea about what her birthday means but she will certainly appreciate the opportunity to get pampered and showered with gifts, cake, cuddles and kisses. In fact, this day should also be a day that you celebrate being a parent by buying yourself a small treats as well for every sacrifice you have made and everything that you have done in the past few years.